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ENGAGE At Every Stage
Using MRM to Put More Interaction in the Hands of the Customer will engage marketers on a qualitative and quantitative level, accelerate knowledge transfer, highlight best practice innovations, document use cases, share lessons and learning, identify opportunity and application areas, as well as discuss issues and obstacles to greater adoption and use. Learn more »


The Variance in the Tech Experience is an authority leadership program to rate and assess the variation in customer satisfaction for after-market tech support services and provide an industry-standard benchmark for evaluating quality and effectiveness of support provided by computer manufacturers, communications service providers, software vendors, retailers and third-party contractors. Learn more »


Reinvent Mobile
In partnership with the CMO Council, FAME, the BPM Forum, and Avaya, The Remote Revolution study shed new light on business and IT challenges affecting the performance of mobile workers and their companies. Learn more »


The Global Mobile Mindset Initiative
The Global Mobile Mindset was the first annual, comprehensive audit of the mobile mindset and lifecycle. FAME tapped into the insights from a panel of 5.7 million consumers in 200 countries, including leading and developing nations, thanks to GMI, a leader in global research and market intellegence. Learn more »


Slam the Online Scam
Slam the Online Scam is a national public-education campaign which combats cyber attacks by empowering computer users with tools, tips and techniques to be self-secure. The campaign’s website includes advice on how to recognize and avoid online scams. It also notifies users of the latest online threats and is packed with recent articles and online safety reports. Learn more »


The Remote Revolution Mobile Workforce Survey
In partnership with the CMO Council, FAME, the BPM Forum, and Avaya, The Remote Revolution study shed new light on challenges affecting the performance of mobile workers and their companies—and the steps they are taking to improve productivity and connectivity. More than 400 enterprise executives and managers were surveyed to better understand uptime issues, implications and imperatives in the mobile workforce. Learn more »


Targeting with Texting
Text messaging has blossomed into a critical mechanism for a means of instant, effective and affordable messaging alerts. To explore this subject, Clickatell and the CMO Council launched a thought leadership initiative, Targeting with Texting: The Value of Just-in-Time Mobile Messaging, to bring greater clarity to the drivers, issues and opportunities with text messaging in the organization. The study examines how mobile messaging services are being embraced to drive new targeted alert initiatives. Download study »


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